17 December 2009

Rebecca's adventure

Little Rebecca broke her arm. . . This is them taking her x-rays.

This is her ATTITUDE lately. First the picture is of the outfits I made the kids for Christmas at church, and well, Whenever Rebecca doesn't want something lately she is GRUMPY, the broken arm just pushed her grumpiness over the edge!

This is her right after she got her cast put on.

These are the x-rays of her arm she broke.

Thanksgiving pt. 3

They dug a hole the same depth as Sarah is tall. This is a half way pict.

There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset! I loved seeing a good sunset in a LONG time! We live in the mountains so I don't get to see one very often.

Finding Topaz in the rocks.

Building a fire for the mini campers.

Drinking hot cocoa by the fire.

Thanksgiving pt. 2

We were camping IN-THE-MIDDLE-OF-NOWHERE! We didn't see another person in 50 miles! Mark feels the upside was. . . he could test out all his newest contraptions that he is working on.

Brooke had her mini camping trip and took probably 30 pictures of the friends. She had her barbies do EVERYTHING. Eat, cook marshmellows, build a campfire. All of it!
This is another picture of the hotsprings. it was really fun.

Us driving in the middle of nowhere looking for Topaz mountain. Like it was a desert and FLAT! It was really fun. I loved being just our family.

After it got dark, we started singing Christmas carols together. Autumn the ever organizer, keeping us on track for whatever we do. Keeping lists.

our Thanksgiving at Topaz Mtn.

We stopped at a hotsprings. It was soooo HOOOT! But we were so cold, so it was great!

This is Rebecca trying to wake up. She didn't sleep the best. . . none of use did, man it was COLD, and all 3 of our heating systems failed. We did make it through, not my favorite camping night, but it was FUUUN other than that.

Rebeccca feeling much better.

Autumn not wanting me to take her picture because she didn't have her hair done. . . As beautiful as can be!

Brooke was having a GREAT time. she found Topaz in the rocks. . . and had a great time outside the whole time!

Free Burma!