23 March 2009

Camera dump

do you see this baby, she is my little girl. She is already 3 mo. old. She is so fun, happy, cute, smiley. How fun.

We went to the dentist today. Spencer did a great job. No cavaties.
Autumn also went to the dentist. This is her getting x-ray's she got an impression so we can see what the consultation with the orthodontist.
I was able to go to a quilt show. I know this quilt isn't like the most flashy like I usually like, but the pure talent to make this quilt was amazing, it was all done my hand. Amazing.

16 March 2009

Spring Cleaning

I am going to be out for a bit.

Mark is going to be cleaning my carpets on Wed. I am going to try to have every part the carpet I can cleared off to get cleaned. I have a big task in front of me.

We are doing a food storage fair on April 11 th I am on the commitee, I am so excited. If you have any suggestions or questions we can make sure and cover, please comment!

08 March 2009


Ok, so it's official, Rebecca has found her voice. She is LOUD-ish. She is so wonderful she smiles and coo's and she has soething to say. How fun is that! It is great.

04 March 2009

A picture topic

This is from a Speed scrap I did last night, I love my new babies in my family, niece and nephews, and my girl! The credits are here

A new blog I like has great photo ideas. Life is Sweet. She had this idea.

OH, "Can you hear me now?" Yeah, I said I love this new blog! She gave me this idea (Cell Phone Bars)

And this is my sweet Rebecca smiling! She is so fun and happy all the time, now she can actually smile about it!

Free Burma!