28 April 2008

We have some Great days ahead!

Because, first of all. We get to have summer weather! My favorite season hands down! period!

We went on a camping trip this weekend, we went to Yuba Lake in Nephi UT.

And I made the best popcorn EVER! In a dutch oven. I ate probably 3 dutch ovens full of popcorn!

This is what we went in. It's our new camper! And that is my handsome guy! I will post a better pict down farther. WE LOVE IT!

Brooke LOVED bashing open rocks. She absolutely totally loves rocks. A girl after my own heart. We are a lot alike.

This is Sarah Bean-a vacuming the inside of our motorhome! She did this for probably 45 min. Just turning it on and off and also pushing it all.

This is a better picture of our motorhome. I can't wait till we get to be in it A LOT! IT IS GREAT!

Mark helped the kids fish. I love this picture, because it looks like they caught a fish, however, it was a big hunk of seaweed. So, just imagine!

Anyway. We are looking much more forward to this summer, because we will be able to take off and go to places we want to explore!

23 April 2008

Just a little doodlin'

I don't know if you guys know about this little new site: THE RED PORCH

I love to be able to doodle a round a little! I think that having a chance to get in on something at the start up is AWESOME! I was able to use a ton of great elements and papers from their store.

Check it out, they even help with posting it here, with the html code:


01 April 2008

"Homeschooly" crafts

I really would like to explain a little. When we were kids, we would see kids at the thrift stores and other less than "High Fashion" places. We would see things that we just deemed "Homeschooly", well, sometimes I get a hankerin' to do homeschooly crafts. So, I thought it would be fun to share.

This first one is a painting I have been working on for a couple of weeks (with about 6 mo. in between)

I have had a vision of this painting in my mind for a while, and have been wanting to put something like this up in my house for years. Well, I couldn't really find one out on the market that I really identified with, so with Mark's actually pushing me a little , I decided to paint one. So, without further adieu, it's called

I went home recently to see my niece sealed to her family, and while I was there I met Cody's girlfriend. She was Wonderful! I like her a lot, and she wore a really cool sweater her sister made her. It was her name on the back, made out of felt.

That got my gears turning. And I decided to look for felt at the craft store. . .

And decided you can never have too much felt! Oh come on! That is a true homeschooly person at heart!

So, I busted out my girl's Easter skirts, and Spencer's shirt, and Put a little personalizing on them. And then realized they were very Lavern and Shirely! Oh well, I like them (Notice Spencer shirt isn't pictured, because I couldn't find it)

And last but not least I made a Carebear bag. For what I want to use it for!

There you have it. All of my homeschool crafts!

This Sunday

We celebrated Easter this Sunday, well at least the Sunday best. Because I was gone on Easter, and this is one of my favorite parts of Easter, so I made them wait.

You will notice this is just THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!

And that is snow on the ground! Honestly, how exactly am I suppose to comprehend and understand this all! I hate winter, and I hate snow. That has not changed! So, I am really looking forward to Spring!!! Imagine a lot of grumbling from my part. Not even trying to hold it back.


Saturday we went up Provo canyon, and Enjoyed every minute of it. It was a final breath of fresh air! Her are my 4 kiddies. Aren't they cute!

I was taking just random shots of nature, this one isn't particularly good, but what I found out after I took this picture, was that I has stepped in a decaying rotted old deer. Yes that's what I said! When I stepped into it, it had a poof of the STANKIEST smell EVER! (Why I share this half good pict, and the story? Because! I experienced it, and so do you!)

Mark saw the waterfall and absolutely could not resist. Yes, he is knee deep in the water!

This is a pict. of us, sorry it's sideways. Be glad I posted it at all.

All and all the best Saturday in a very very long time! We can't wait to have more!

Free Burma!