24 February 2007

Pass the cough syrup

so, we have gone one whole day with my kids being done with puking. They actually said a couple of times today. "I'm hungry" So, we are good there.


We are now all dealing with colds. Spencer ( almost over it) Sarah, Autumn, Mom. Just waiting for it to be passed to Brooke and Dad. So, we are still the sick family. I can't think of anything else lately. So, don't ask. . . Just kidding. We are actually glad we are past everyone getting a bowl to go to sleep with. The other night. I put EVERYONE to sleep in my bed. I slept on the loveseat next to them all, and basically slept in short intervals. Glad we are past that.

22 February 2007

Ok, so, I wish I could say we are over this!

THE NASTY FLU! we have had it passing around our house for 3 weeks. Yes that's right. I keep hoping we are going to be over it. I haven't got it to bad, that is a good thing and a bad thing. I get to clean up after everyone and run to their needs. So, it gets tiring.

Mark said he's afraid of puke, that's how much we have been dealing with it. I AM SO READY TO BE DONE!

05 February 2007

Amy's decorating some more!

Yes! I put up more Mauzy signs! This is in the hallway between our room and the girl's room

This is my latest trying. Flowers. . . i know sounds kind of strange. This is on my bathroom counter.

This is on my kitchen table. Not real professional, but I like it.

Autumn and Brooke did the 30 days!

Autumn and Brooke were given the challenge to keep their room clean for 30 days. And they had to clean it together, no fighting and I would inspect and make sure it was done.

Reward: If they did this they would get new bedding and we would decorate their walls. So, Friday was their day 30! And guess what they got! (We are still looking for comforters for a good deal.) But they got their sheets and to put up their decorations!

It feels so good to have a clean room! I am so proud of them!

Spencer likes tape

Ok, so in no particular order. The other day, I was COMPLETELY ingrossed in something on the computer. I was on the phone with my mom and instant messaging her about something. (I will share more on the topic later)

In the meantime. Spencer had brought me a roll of packing tape and some scissors and wanted me to get him some tape. No harm right? Well, after I had thought it through I didn't think it was the best of options. So, I get unglued from the computer, hang up the phone and go on a hunt for this tape that he's been requesting. We found it EVERYWHERE, but Spencer knew where every piece was. He led me to every one.

Daily life

Ok, so these are the latest just plain ol day to day picts.

I love a good bread recipe that makes enough that you don't have to ration your bread intake. This is definately enough to last. (notice how much cinnamon is on the cinnamon rolls. Man they were good)

I know you might be under the impression that men aren't multitaskers. Well, I have one that is Phenominal at it! This is just one case of that. Dealing with "bills" I have to pump myself up to call one let alone deal with 2 at the same time!

Can you say chip of the ol block? Our home teachers came over. This is Spencer wanting them to be excited with him. they were and very good.

Free Burma!