13 June 2009

If you can't sleep. . . . by all means, blog

I guess I'll do a little update. I was cleaning out the bottom of my dishwasher today, you know where the trap of all the grime goes. I decided to just grab it all, and throw it away, no, take the time to get the shopvac out etc. and well, I'm now regretting it. Because apparently there was a broken plate in amongst the grime, and well my fingertips are taking the brunt of it. And well, typing isn't my favorite thing to do.

But I will trudge forward.

Rebecca is to the point where she can roll and turn herself every which way. She is a tummy sleeper, and does everything else on her stomach also. She can inchworm herself wherever she wants to be. She has no interest in sitting up, just rocking back and forth in the effort to get on all fours. She is a spoiled little one. I had to tell the kids several times today, stop picking up Rebecca, she needs to learn how to be happy without being held. I just lay her down to fall asleep, and next thing I know she's being played with! I guess it's a good problem to have. She is loved!

And this little girl Miss Sarah well, she is absolutely funny! She cracks me up! She has 3 sayings that she repeats OFTEN!

1. "Mom, I hate this van" Everytime we are driving around, she says this at least 10 times. If you ask her why she has no real answer, but she is sure about hating the van.

2. Everyday we go on a walk, and she and Rebecca ride in the stroller, well, she says the entire 30 min walk, "are we going on a walk" My response when I do respond is "yes we are" and her response is "are you wearing your walking shoes" I say "yes I am".

3. If she doesn't want to do something like throw a diaper away, or put her shoes away, whatever it is she doesn't want to do "I can't want to" I think she is learning early that she can pretend like it's to hard and her siblings will jump to it and do it for her. I am thinking at some point it will get old. But right now she's nursing it for all it's worth.

She points out EVERY school bus she can see. I am amazed at how many there are in a normal day of going about the town. She sees them everywhere, and we aren't even in school, we are on summer break! But she can find them I tell you!

She also wants to match her clothes to anyone elses. And Autumn is all to eager to go along. They are trying to match everything they wear. It's amazing how many clothes they have in common, black pants, pink shirt is the most common one.

Did you know I have a son who's starting kindergarten in the fall, I am not to eager for that to happen. He's ready, I'm just not. Isn't that how it always goes.

Brooke is so fun. She loves playing games. SHe is always got on at the ready anytime there is a lull in the conversation. She is so willing to play just as much as you are willing. She and I do cat's cradle lately. I forget how addicting it is and how much one can pass the time by playin it.

Autumn got an amish friendship bread starter and followed it through the 10 days and made the bread at the end. It was delisious. She loved having to take care of it every day. I sometimes dread getting them, because I don't want the obligation. But she loved it. And of course we all loved the rewards. It was gone in a day. It was really yummy!

Hmmm, well that's all I can think of. . .
Oh, my camera got dropped, and it's broken . . . DREAD! I will have to see if it can be fixed locally if not, I will have to send it back to canon. Oh, to be without it, I wont know what to do. So, keep your fingers crossed!

04 June 2009

Be grateful we don't have picts this week.

Our family really knows how to do sick!

This week has been quite horrible!
Everyone except Dad and Brooke have been sick.

Mom has had hives from scalp to toe and very painful besides the feeling IIIIICCHHHYYYYYY! Like no other

the rest of the family have had the puke and other end stuff ! Even little Rebecca! Sarah's first experience with puking. She kept trying to talk thru the puking. Saying "what is this momma" Very sad!

Besides lots of rest and staying home. It is no way to spend our first week of summer vacation. But I am so glad I haven't had to get kids up and ready for school. Whew that would have been horrible!

So, you are very glad we have not given any pictures this week, our house is a wreck, and plenty of tired kids. I think I am past asking the kids "are you gonna puke?" Every 5 min.

I am grateful Mark wasn't sick he has held us together. He has had to work, so he comes home and plays nurse to all that aren't able to get up to get whatever they need. He has been amazing!

We are over the worst part I am sure. Mostly because I can be a contributor. I still have hives but I can at least ignore them enough to help the family manage. Spencer is still tired and taking naps which is not normal, and Sarah has worn the same shorts for 2 days and said this morning. . ."mom, can I change these shorts these ones are getting boring"

So I think we are on the mend, the dishes are all bleached and cleaned, laundry just need folded and a clean up of all the bedrooms and we are back in business. Let the summer begin, and don't you dare get sick!

Free Burma!