28 August 2007

School is here again!

The kids started school last Monday. It has been great! I have really liked their new teachers. They are so nice. Autumn gets to join choir this year just like her friend back home Maddie. She is so excited.

This is a pict. of her in her classroom, her teacher's name is Ms. Harper. She sits across the table from a good friend. She's in the back middle of the photo.

She wouldn't let me go into the classroom with her. So, here she is. . .

Brooke starts 2nd grade. She is so cute! She loves, loves butterflies. So, it is no wonder she chose this shirt for her first day outfit.

This is brooke in her classroom. She has a really good friend Stefani in her class she's just to Brooke's left (she has on the pink sweater) and Stefani has on a white headband.

This is Brooke outside her classroom door. Everyone is using frogs as their theme. It's funny. It must be the newest teacher theme. I don't know.

18 August 2007

Photohunt : TWO

So, with a little encouragement for a great friend, I have decided to join what is called PHOTOHUNT, which is every Saturday, you take a pict. of an assigned topic. This week it's the topic of TWO. So here's my pict.

This is 2 of my kids looking at some animal at the zoo. I think it's the giraffe. . . It was so darn funny!

My heart is saddened.

I am not a native to this here Utah, but this story is just so ongoing that it is breaking my heart for their families. I could not imagine the roller coaster they are riding. It seems there won't be an end any time soon.

utah miner's story

I am praying for your families.

06 August 2007

A walk through my neighborhood

Here is a pict. of the many different trees here in my neighborhood. However they were mostly small and young. Here they are. I think I'm going to print out this pict. and put it in a frame for my bathroom. Not sure yet. Just thought I'd share.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to capture the beauty of the mountains. . . still amazed by them.

01 August 2007

My latest favorite blog

I can't remember how I stumbled upon this blog, but I DEFINATELY want to meet her. She does all the things I dream I could do. Don't read it when you are hungry. It will just torture you.



Free Burma!