31 July 2007

Autumn bought these fake fingernails with her money she earned this week. . . I don't know how I feel about them. But I guess it's not mine to choose, since it is her money.

My Sweet Brookey Bear lost her first Build-a-bear she got for her birthday, I couldn't stand seeing her without it, so we went back to buy her another one, they didn't have the same kind, so this is the one she chose, she named her Christina. She is very happy with her and a very goos sport.

Sarah's adventuring away from me. She crawls away from me. So, I cna't believe she's so adventurous. She found the kiddy pool today. SHe would stand there and splash the water, and then suck the water off her hands. PRICELESS! So darn cute! (Doesn't it look like she will topple over into the pool any minute?!? That scared me the whole time she was doing it!)

Mark comes home from school, and my kids hear his motorcycle coming down the road, they run out to have rides with him on it. THEY LOVE IT, and so does he! Every day. They just do the loop down to the empty lot and back to our house.

I was busy making dinner, and Sarah was adventuring away from me, I couldn't find her, she was out on the front porch, with a piece of licorice. . . This is what she looked like!

29 July 2007

It's offical Summer's HERE!!!!

You must know it is my favorite season by far! So, we have a neighbor across the street who has an apricot tree. She told us to come and get all we wanted. . . .we did the next day. It was wonderful. I love apricots.
We dried some, we froze some jam, I felt just like home. It was so wonderful.
Spencie and Sarah-bean-a playing patty cake.

Look at that face! Isn't that true summer memories happening right there!!!!! I LOVE IT!

I know, probably should have is eyes open. That's the photographers fault. But the boys sit still darn cute!

If you want to see more picts.
I just set up a Flickr account click here
: Amy's photos

The reunion Pict.

This is the pict. of the reunion we had together. All are there, except Cody, his pict. is hanging on the side of the house on the right there, do you see him? Anyway. The vests we are wearing Aunt Jessica made them, yip that's what I said she made them for everyone to wear and decorate! My kids keep saying that was their favorite part of the reunion, being with family and decorating vests. It was a BLAST!

23 July 2007

Ok, so here's some picts.

This is picts. of our van the day we left for our trip. . . Doesn't look to promising does it.

We always seem to have the luck of dealing with car trouble before we go on vacation.

Well, we got there fine. This is at our friends, Sarah kept steeling the other little boy's binky. This is little Joseph's But she's cute isn't she?

This is some friends of ours all piled together on the couch. It was a riot trying to get everyone looking at the camera. I was laughing pretty good.

This is a wonderful pict. of a Loving g-ma.

This is a pict. of that handsome man, we were at the lake with his family. LOVED being with them. They are so good to us.

15 July 2007

I'm really trying

Well, you know it has to be a computer glitch, because, I'm actually got some time to show photo's of my last little while going to vacation. But now, my computer adapter to read the memory card on my camera is on the fritz, so tomorrow I will make a jaunt to bestbuy and buy another. But until then, I haven't forgotten about you, and to work backwards and a little peep into my thoughts lately


It is comfy and enjoyable to be here, and it's HUGE! I have room for everything. I am working on organizing the heck out of it. We'll see how far I get this time. I really hope it's farther than last time. My bedroom is full of piles of the extra stuff that doesn't have a home while I shift this and that to other places in my house.

Like there's a pile of quilts, that my g-ma Lois gave me over the years. Man she has spent some time on these. And I use them without having a second thought until I fold them all up and stack them and there are 5! If you are a quilter and even if your not you can imagine how much time was devoted to my own warmth and comfort. In fact we had a picnic on one of them in our yard this afternoon and dripped watermelon juice over one, and just throw it in the wash because they are so durable and yet so colorful! I love them!

until I get some more photo's up. We'll chat at you later.

14 July 2007

I know I'm out of order

I know you guys all want me to update what's been happening since the last post. I will. But for your entertainment until I get to that.

visit this site.


click on a "don't try this at home" and watch the videos. HILARIOUS!!! I now want one.

Free Burma!