27 November 2007


I am starting with my first Christmas present. Our neighbors took us to dinner and movies.

The movie :
If you haven't seen it. . .it is a MUST! It is funny, sad, happy, WONDERFUL!
Mark and I have been quoting it all day since we saw it. It is so darn good! I am buying it when it comes out no questions asked!

Favorite Babysitter :

It is official. I found one I LOVE! (thanks again to our neighbor) Her name is Janet. I came home to sleeping children and a clean house! And my kids love her to! I will use her more often!

Favorite snack :

Orville Reddenbocker this is the best popping, and tasting popcorn. I love it all flavors.

Favorite youtube video (this changes often, but this is a funny one).


Favorite Commedian:

I think most of my family knows this. He's got a new one out.

Brian Regan

you can youtube him also.

Favorite Pastime :
Teaching Spencer his letters. We are on letter Dd


22 November 2007


Ok, so we had a wonderful easy going Thanksgiving. We at the last minute decided to stay home, because we all were starting to have a cold, and Mark had a big project to work on.

Mark BBQ'd the turkey. If you haven't had one bbq'd, you are truly missing out! It was SOOOO good!

Here is a picture of our table. It was a FEAST! It was so wonderful! We all worked in the kitchen together and had a great time doing it!Sarah helped by eating olives. She was SO DARN CUTE!

The sun went down, and actually saw a sunset which is very rare!

Mark started sharing his "youthful excitement" with us all. Out of his "Backyard Ballistics" book. It was GREAT FUN! We laughed a lot.Then, while dad relaxed we played "SPA" I did the girls face, and they did mine. Brookey did the side she's standing on and Autumn did the other. WE laughed so much!

This is dad in his Turkey coma. We decided to play with him.

We have so darn much to be thankful for! I LOVE being with my family. They are the funnest! One of the best T-day to date.

14 November 2007

What a weekend!

Our family went to Auntie Barb's house to visit my parents. They were up there to visit. so, we snuck up there. This was a fun packed weekend.

This is a pict. of them playing with paper dolls. And G-ma Lois being the "ham" of the night. She gave us a GREAT laugh!

Auntie Bev, she came over to visit. So nice of her. ANd this was her show and tell! Could you do that?!? I couldn't, however it makes me want to start yoga. I just might. This is Mark working on their kitchen sink.

And while we were there our puppy finally had her puppies! She is such a GOOD momma. She had 4 in all. 3 boys and 1 girl. The black one is a girl. They were so tiny. About the size of a hampster.

This is Brookey holding one of the puppies. We had to steel a pict. while Rosiey was eating. She is so darn vigilant.

Brookey's Recital

Brooke is in a dance class. She is learning how to dance, and it is so exciting and wonderful. She comes home so talkative and happy. They performed at a "Gingerbread Festival" Last Saturday. It was AWESOME! She did perfect.

This is a pict. of her class.

This is her doing a twirl. . . she did AWESOME!

05 November 2007

So, I guess you never know

I have a dog who is about to pop! I thought she was going to have her babies last thurs. But she still hasn't. I'm not sure what to do. She was able to have her babies last time quite easily. But now I'm starting to wonder if I should take her to the vet, but I don't know what they would do. She doesn't seem uncomfortable, well, considering she's gained 7 lbs. She weighed 3 when she started. . .I don't know what to do. This weekend we kinda had some plans, I don't know what do to. . .

That's how my Monday's going how is yours?

01 November 2007

My oh my I am never doing that again.

First off. Spencie wore this to target today, he was so cute! HE didn't want to stop dressing up.

First, at church they had a halloween party. They sent a sign up sheet around to help with the different parts of the party. I didn't want to run a game NO WAY! I have a hard time with those kind of party's way to loud and chaotic. So, I signed up to make a cake for the cake walk. No biggie right. Cupcakes are my standby for any signup. Easy, always have them on hand to make.

So, It took me 5 hrs. , 2 layers, 3 tubs of frosting, 2 bags of candy, and the most frazzled momma I ended up with a cake I wasn't absolutely embarresed of. I was so so so tempted to just dump it in the garbage and run to Albertson's. I am NOTHING like Kyla. I spent more time on this cake than ANY of my kids cakes for their birthday's combined!

So I take it to the church early (it's just around the corner) so i don't have to do cake on top of the whole halloween WHOOPLAAAHHH! No matter how clean my house is the day of halloween, by the end of the day it looks like there has been an earthquake, or my house had the flu and threw up all it's contents EVERYWHERE! Inside and out!

Needless to say I will never make a cake for someone else again.

So we go to the church I tell Autumn she has to go to the cakewalk, because I KNOW no one will pick my cake and she had to so I didn't feel bad.

We get in there probably 10 min. after the cakewalk started. My cake was already gone! It was one of the first to go. What the parent doesn't know is that it is more frosting than cake. MAN the kid will enjoy it right?


My little puppy dog. He wore this costume for probably a week strait, I had to talk him out of wearing it to church. You had to call him puppy he would not respond to Spencer, I had to wash it before he could wear it this time for real.

Baby bat cried out in fright turn on the dark I'm afraid of the light. She wanted to see the pict. on the camera.

Hula Girl. Was the Bishop's favorite costume, he's from Hawaii
The necklace is what Jill and Brock got me when they went to Hawaii.

Witch girl. With the RED lipstick!

A happier Bat. With a pizza crust in her hand she carried around for abt. an hour.


I bet you will never guess which one is Spencer's
From Left to right
Brookey's, Spencer's, Sarah's, Autumn's a Princess! with a crown

Autumn and Brooke did their own punkins from beginning to end. No help from momma.

Sarah would NOT put her hand in the pumpkin, no way! She did not want that AT ALL! How funny!

Free Burma!