26 March 2007

So, I joined the world of "slide.com"

19 March 2007

I am Spoiled

This is my hair, long, yes, but very plain a blahhhh.

I was so sick of it, I was tempted to cut it myself, because it's so darn plain.

I live close to my cousin who is a hair stylist. She is MAGIC! I love my new haircut. Very easy to do and fun! I LOVE IT.

Mark cleaned carpets for my sweet cousin who was so willing to trade for the haircut and color.

How willing would you be to go to work, and have someone else benefit from the work. (I am so glad I am the one who go to benefit!)

This is my new van. Our other one was starting to randomly die and we would have to wait a while and it would start up again. Just not the easiest to deal with. It only happened 2 times, and Mark had this one ready to be bought I just had to go and convoy this one home. He doesn't waste time on taking care of me!

The other day, we were going on a drive around to see the sights, and asked if he would work on fixing the cupholder. We got home, ate dinner, and he took out the garbage and didn't come in for quite a while (I thought he was out talking to the neighbors) he came in, and he had fixed my cupholder! Way cool! Something so little but really takes care of me.

These are my new dishes. I had these on my want list maybe 2 weeks, and low and behold he gives me the money, and whala, I have them! I love them, they make my meager food taste so much more high class.

Mark spoiles me way to much! What a wonderful guy he is!

13 March 2007

What I did instead of clean out a cupboard

Ok, do you know when you walk outside and there is the smell of BBQ in the air. You get into your car and it's warm enough you need to roll down your window?

Well, that was today. So, the kids came home from school at 4:30 and finally at 6:30 I made them all come in and eat and get ready for bed. It was GORGEOUS outside! All the neighbors were out and enjoying the after winter reconnect. On the way home from school I counted 8 motorcycles. Everyone was ready for the winter hybernation to be over. I loved the warm weather.
This was in our driveway. All the kids are going to sleep well tonight, lots of exercise and outside air in their lungs.

The other day Autumn, Brooke, and I walked to the corner store, and Brooke actualy jump roped all the way there, doing laps around us because she got to far ahead.

Today she learned how to ride Autumn's bike that is 2 times the size of this pink one she's on. She got up from the dinner table, her legs were noodles they were so used. That tells you how much playing they did today.

This is Autumn who is just the funest little thing on the block. Shy as can be when I try to take her picture.

This is me standing in our driveway, and looking North. You can see the beautiful Mt. Timpanogous, and the train is just down at the end of the road. Do you see the yellow engine? It's over the top of that black truck cab. I hope you can see it. We can sure hear it.

School pict. day

Apparently the school has pict. at the beginning of the year and at the end. So this is Brooke ready for pict. day today. Very cute! Her hairs long enough to put in a pony. She loves it like that.

This is Autumn in a cute pose. It took alot of doing to get her looking cute!

This is how she wanted to look.

One of my favorite picts.

The other day Autumn took this picture for me. I love it! It is my desktop picture lately. I only wish one thing was different. Somehow we could have gotten Autumn in the picture to. I love the feeling of all my kids in my lap. I love to be with them after school when we are all kinda tuckered and eat a snack and unwind with a little tv. It is good to reconnect with all of us together.

As you can see Sarah just plain adores Spencer. It is so fun to watch her follow him around with her eyes. When he walks in the room she lights up.

P.S. I am going to clean out a compartment today! I really mean it! Watch out I am gonna getcha!

11 March 2007

Couldn't help myself

this is a Ruger Vaquero I got from a good friend in .45 Colt - of course it needed to join the sheriff's club - something about those texas stars that gets ya.

Here is the 30/30 and the .45 together. don't they just make you want to mount up and go a chasin' thems unruly rustlers through the underbrush? (after applying plenty of tick repellant)

10 March 2007

30/30 project

Thar's a new sherrif in town, and he has to have thems fancy stars to tell the folks he don't need no guff. (so said sherrif sits down with a ryobi cordless drill so as to intstall thems stars)

thems gold plated stars sure does look nice with a black kydex background. what's that... new feller ain't sees kydex before in this here town. well you have now.

Star - rough fit.

Entire rifle view. this puppy came to us as a rusty parts gun missing lots of pieces. a feller from yonder holler had taken it apart 10 years ago and lost some of the pieces. a little re-blueing and a nice walnut stock came in handy for the restoration.

Looks fine now, but every screw crack and crevice had to be sanded, wire wheeled, or bead blasted to remove the fatal rust. ain't no room for no rust in this here town - folks just don't take kindly to it.
It's like having a snake in your boots or ticks in your bed. (I'd take the snake over ticks anyday)

08 March 2007

A compartment a day. . . well that's the idea

Ok, so my goal at the beginning of the week was to clean out a cupboard, closet, compartment a day. Started out real ambitious.
Monday, my closet
Tuesday, linen closet
Wed (I knew better than to have one this day way to busy)
Thursday (very unmotivated to do this day, haven't even picked one, will probably do it after the kids go to bed)

So here's the before pict. of the linen closet

And this is the after picture of the linen closet.

The before of my bedroom closet was just to embarressing. So here's the after of my closet. (Need NO comments on the amount of shoes)

I might post some more of later on this evening if I get the gumption to get it done.

Spencer is trying. . . kinda

To potty train. It isn't working the best. But we are just familiarizing him with the tools. We got him some big boy underwear, and I had some left over from the girls. So, I put them in his drawer.

he simply refuses to do anything with the toilet at this point. But we are working on it.

I hope he figures it out before he's 5. he came down the stairs the other night looking like this. He's darn cute when he's defiant. I think he doesn't think I can see him.

Free Burma!