27 February 2009


I'm done with it all. YES I did a good job to work on all the stuff I'm suppose to do. But I'm done doing it all. I'm finished with all the things. I just want to go to a movie, or something like that so I don't have to be responsible any more.

My kids are doing good. Except Rebecca, she sure doesn't like the shots she got, she is feeling rather uncomfortable. And I am sick of saying "GO TO BED" to my kids over and over again. I've been doing it for an hour now. I won't but am tempted to tie them all in their beds, and wait till they are asleep before I untie them. Only 10/1000 problems with that, besides against natural love and caring for them. But man, I do not like trying to put my kids to bed alone. Probably one of my biggest weaknesses in mothering.

But we did have a good dinner, beef and carrot asian noodle stirfry, and green drink with ACV in it. Yumm, and least my kids will be healthy.

I am going to sleep in tomorrow, and then work on sharing time. I will be done after this week I am not going to commit to anything else but taking a break from all that I am in charge of!

25 February 2009

Ok, today's update

So it started out making sure all my taxes were compiled for the accountant, having our own business, not my favorite! But it's all ready.

Then took kids to school,
the water was turned off
Took Rebecca to the dr. She did well, she weighs 10lbs. 5 oz. so she's gaining weight well. 4 lbs heavier than birth. She got her shots and was doing good. I have no concerns about this baby, she's doing great. a little reflux periodically, but not much.

Came home took a nap! I was TIRED! Got woken up by a mom in the ward I told I would babysit for her, totally forgot. Good thing I was home, very easy kids to tend, so no problem there. ANd it was only for an hour.

My kids came home, it was great to see them, the weather is so great lately, that my kids drop their backpacks off and go right back outside, they sure love it.

Got everything squared off for Joy School, it's going to be fun tomorrow

Made dessert for Blue and Gold and Mark made a map for the table. (Whew, Mark saved me on that one)

I went to the Blue and Gold, while Mark stayed home and sold a puppy!!!!!! YEAH! My kids are sad, but I'm exstatic! 2 more to go.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not to bad, afterall, tomorrow is Thursday, can't be that bad, the weeks more than have gone!

24 February 2009

Clean house and Joy School

Ok, so I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday and I spring cleaned my kitchen. We were living in such filth that I couldn't stand it any more! It looks much better. However, my forearms are sore from intense scrubbing. Man, it was BAD! But now so much easier to keep clean.

Joy school, Oh what joy! it was so darn fun. I can't wait till Thursday! We had so much fun. I love the curriculum, it's very thought out and 4yo oriented! Very fun.

Just got a flyer from the construction people at the end of the road that our water will be turned off from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm tomorrow! EEKKKK! I guess we need to go somewhere tomorrow during the day that does not cost a dime, not even a penny, any suggestions?

23 February 2009

A full week

Joy school

I am hosting it this week for Spencer's class. It's on spontaneity and ironically it will take me quite a bit of prep time. Since this is my first time teaching, hopefully it will get easier.

blue and gold dinner

I am in charge of a table centerpiece that is about Washington state, hmmm, not sure on that one. And a dessert

2 mo. checkup

For my little girl. She's that old already! I can't believe it. I am curious to see how big she is. She's been sick this week, and not feeling the greatest and eating is not her priority, even though it is mine! I'm glad I get to take her in.

sharing time

Always a dreader until it's prepared then it doesn't seem that hard. Just don't want to prepare for it. I would rather take a nap.

homemade yogurt, oatmeal, granola, asian beef and noodle stirfry

We are really trying to take care of our family in a much healthier way. I made homemade yogurt last night with Keifer starter, in my CROCKPOT!!!! Here's the recipe. It has 10x the amount of probiotics than normal yogurt, and no artificial sweeteners or fat necessary. I sweeten it with fresh fruit! YUM! I had it on my home made steel cut oats. And I have a batch of my well tried and adapted granola recipe from my aunt. It is so darn good! And home made bread, that's on Thursday and for dinner we had the best asian beef and noodle stirfry with brocoli and my own concotion of ginger peanut sauce! I loved it, and suprisingly so did Mark.

sell those darn puppies! Yeah! And then have Mr. Handy clean my carpets and have it be a clean nice place to be. I'm looking forward to THAT one! Whew!

I'll try to update you on how the week goes. I hope to be able to do another speed scrap on Wed. night. We'll have to see and I have some felt that is calling my name. With some really cute fabric that would love to accompany it.

Until later, I have to clean my house!

Free Burma!