19 January 2007

I can't help but post these

Spencer loves to snuggle after the bath. So does Sarah, I love that they wanted to be together. They probably stayed like this for 20 min. Just happy to be together.

Autumn was playing dress up with my little angel princess. Isn't she Beautiful!

More picts of the vacation

These are the girl cousins. 6 girls with one on the way. With any hope in April! (Good luck C&J Family you are in our prayers)

These are the boy cousins. I know a little out numbered. But EXTREMELY HANDSOME none the less.

I have to put this one in. He is handsome also. I take full credit for the pretty snapshot.

(Carson sorry, I know mom posted this pict. but it's just to irresistable. It's a perk of being festive right?)

We did a little re-enactment of the nativity story. Don't look to close at the baby in the basket. . . yes it's Sarah. (Last year it was Hailey) . . . Memories.

These are the angels.

Now, I guess I need to explain. Before we went on vacation. I find Spencer in bed asleep for nap one day. With the bath mat as his blanket. You know the ones with the rubber stuff. That next to his face. hmmm, I just take it off replace the blankie, think nothing of it. (In the back of my mind am grateful for the fact I just bought the bathmat)

So, we go on vacation. Spencer more than once grabs this rubber mat that you put under your rug on slick surfaces like in the kitchen. And loves to play with it and snuggles with it. I am not sure exactly what to make of it. But it is a pretty darn cute picture.

10 January 2007

My newest favorite thing

DECORATING! Who would have thought!?! Not me! but when there are walls, it's actually kinda fun!

This is a pict of the Spokane temple given to us by some family friends.

This is a shelf Mark made me, and the newest letters I got from my newest favorite store, as you can see it says "family"

This is my favorite schedule keeper. This dry erase calendar. I LOVE IT! Because our schedule changes each semester, so we can keep track.

Now on top it's adorned with an AWESOME sign that says "Mauzy" "A gospel sharing home"
Given as a christmas gift, from the person who actually gave me the idea for the calendar.

This is my family wall. I actually made the sign on top that says "Mauzy" "established 1996" With my family picts below. THe middle big one was given as a gift also from Mark's sis.

This is a FHE board that sits above my computer in my kitchen. It is made by Mark's sis. The stars have our names on them, and are designated to a certain activity. I LOVE it!

This is my dresser. Isn't it pretty. The candels are all from Mark's other sister. And the green leaf on the right is from Autumn, she made me for Christmas!

Can you see that Mark's family understands my taste. So wonderful, since I'm still learning mine. It's really nice.

This is our living room wall. The "The living Christ" (far right) is from Mark's mom. The middle is the proclamation. And the Left is a pict of Christ from my mom. The clock is the one Mark fixed up for me and chimes the most home-y chimes that I just LOVE!

Can you say honey - do list? He just let me boss him around and hang all these for me. It was wonderful. I'm still not done. But have had a fun time doing this much!

A snippet of the trip

These are some of the cousins in the M side. I must say they are truly some wonderful kids, they play well together, and Taylor is the greatest peacemaker in the clan.

Ok, these are taken at the M's Christmas. Notice how pretty they ALL are inside and out! (Mark's sister and husband, and Jetty)

I love this picture. This is how I remember getting to know Mark's parents, around their kitchen table eating wonderful food that they were so generous in sharing with me. It hasn't changed. They really are so loving and wonderful to be around.

This is right after we got back from visiting church at our old church. We fit well there. That is our comfort zone. We feel loved and supported by being there. We LOVE those people there. It is very hard to leave. But growth is outside the 'ol comfort zone, so off we go.

This is Taylor being the wonderful cousin again, tickling feet. So fun. (He's the tall handsome one, who is growing up in height and fitting really well into his awesomeness.) He is a wonderful mature man.

04 January 2007


This trip home, we got a bonus with both families. We haven't had a group picture for either side of the family. Now we do, for BOTH!

G-ma Arlene was gracious enough to give us all a red scarf. (Even though it kinda looks like Spring outside, it was fairly cold).

This picture was a spur of the moment. And turned out AWESOME! Everyone is looking at the camera. And G-ma Carol is soaking up her grand kids. I love it.

I will post more of the trip later. Now, I'm just on constant lookout for my pillow. It was fun but exhausting.

Free Burma!