30 November 2006

New haircuts. Man they needed it!

Ok, this is Brookey Bear's before pict. She is always asking me to cut her hair, so I finally gave in. She is always right, it needs to be done.

This is the after. Man, she looks so so cute! It's bright and beautiful!

This is Autumn's, she never wants hers cut. And I think she is right also. So we just trimmed it up.

This is the after, just a good trimmin'

And this is the after of Spencer! I did it a little shorter than I wanted, and it's going to take some getting use to. Mark came home and liked it VERY much! so handsome, it makes his facial expressions pop out at you instead of being hidden by his hair.

Next after the kids are asleep, I'm doing mine. My hair is to long and grey, so I'm going to dye it and trim it up. We'll see. I'll make Mark take before and after for me also and post later.

Latest pics.

Ok, this is our thanksgiving meal. Spencer is sick and has a bad earache so, he is on the couch asleep.

I brought my camera to pick up the kids today, so they can see how the mountains change in the frigid cold weather. This is the kid's school in the background.

This is on the overpass on the way home. I just love how we actually live at the foot of the mountains. Isn't it pretty?

This is my younger kids just zonked out. It's so adorable to me.

15 November 2006

A new Recipe!

This is the simplest recipe in the world. My family loved it! Probably not a formal dinner, but you know those times when you just want to get something on the table that is healthy that they will eat. Well, this is it. And if you use the right tricks it's only 7 pts. per serving on WW! So cool, now I can even indulge and love some soft gewey food.

Ok so you get a small package of frozen mixed veggies, (you know the ones with the small diced carrots and peas etc.)
2 cans condensed cream of chicken 98% fat free stuff
1 can water.
1 already prepared turkey breast, (by the lunch meat sliced in strips or cut up yourself)

Mix all that together, in a 9X13, and then over the top I sprinkled dehydrated onions and bake in the oven at 375 for 15 min.

Take this veggie mixture out of the oven
1 can of prepared biscuits (I couldn't find reduced fat, so here's where all the calories are)
spread them out over the top of the "pot pie" soupy veggie stuff that smells wonderful

Put back in the oven for the biscuit cooking (it says the time on the can I think 15 more min.)

Take this out of the oven, and this is what it looks like. Warm yummy and quite filliing I might add. Like I said it is a throw together and eat. Serving size is one biscuit and all the yummy goodness underneath it 3/4 c. worth. I tried it the other night. My family liked it. It was way simple, and with my modifications, it's not to bad on the ol' caloric intake either!

the latest

This is a size update of our puppies. This one is our friends, he's beginning to get quite a belly on him.

This is another one, quite adventureous and loves to explore.

These are my spoils from the craft fair up in Sandy Ut this last weekend. Man, oh man. It was a whole new experience! Some really fun adventures! And some cute Christmas ideas, for my nieces! I'm excited.

These are the ties I got. They match. . . Don't they look handsome!

This is last but not least. It's a pict. of Dad and Daughter Sarah. Sarah's wearing an outfit her aunt Jill and uncle Brock got her. It fits at the perfect time to keep her nice and warm! She looks so good in purple and yellow, they are my favorite colors on her.

10 November 2006

Autumn's Activity day project

Ok, so Autumn chose as one of her projects to: Plan, Shop, Budget, and Make dinner for her family. Which she did AWESOME! She made a well rounded healthy meal for her family. She was given a set amount of money and only spent .89 cents over her budget and got and extra pie, icecream, radishes, and drink in addition to her list. I am very proud of her.

This is her meal, chicken noodle soup, her favorite food. From scratch. Cut up the chicken, carrots and celery etc.

She also had salad, which she pulled double duty with the veggies and added them to the salad. Carrots, and celery! And added her own flare and added cheese and radishes.

The frozen pie's in the store were buy one get one free. So she got to choose 2 pies. She wanted to make the pies also, but mom decided to make one thing from scratch this time.

Pumpkin and dutch apple

This is the meal! Corn, salad, chicken noodle soup, and sunny D. She even garnished with cilantro and extra cheese. Have you ever had cilantro in chicken noodle soup? It's delicious!

She also said "look at my red cheeks and sweaty bangs, that was hard work!"

She did such a wonderful job. I really did not do anything except help hold the carrots while she chopped them, because they were so hard to cut through. And the next night for dinner we had enough for left overs. It was DELICIOUS!

This is her bowl she ate a TON of food this night. As did we all. It was a wonderful feast.

04 November 2006

Hmmm, another week

These are some pictures of our little puppies. This is one that Spencer is holding. So soft. The loves to hold his close to his face and say awww.

This is Autumn holding one. I think this is the one set aside for our friends. . .He's a cutey.

This is Sarah in a basket full of clean socks, that I haven't got around to matching up yet. She is zonked. . .

These are some of the socks she got in her suprise halloween package from G-ma A.

This is a pict. of the latest project Mark and I worked on together. He was rough housing at the girls playground, and were having a good time. He hurt his shoulder, so needed a decent sling. (Necessity is the mother of invention)

The blue one is the one you get from a dr. The black one is the one we made. He said, "I need a little more padding here, I need a little more support here, and we just worked it out. Does it look to homemade? I don't think so. It was a good thing to work on together. We loved the project we could do together, we are a pretty good team.

Spencer is growing up so much lately. He is starting to put all the things he's been observing into action. It is so fun to see what he seems to see us do that makes sense to him because he's seen us to. It is so much fun. He makes us laugh all the time. He's the first to brush his teeth at night, and take is own vitamins. Very cute.


This is our family's contribution to the halloween holiday.

Dad was a Knight from the round table, he's getting ready for pack meeting, where the theme is Knights of the Round table.

Brookey was a cheer leader RAH! RAH!

Autumn was a witch. EEEHHHEEHEHE!

Sarah was the stand by, a Cat.


Spencer was frankenstein. . .

(I just run everywhere)

Mom, was covered in spiders, and so was Sarah

03 November 2006

Welfare Square

Our family was able to visit Welfare Square in Salt Lake city. The experience helped us realize how our small contribution is pushing forward a cause that is so GREAT.

We are standing in front of the wet pack cannery display. These are the foods they offer in the wet pack. We opened the door to this building and the smell of apples came billowing out. It was neat. This is where they can the food for humanitarian aid, personal use, and the bishop's store house.

This is just outside a classroom where members of the community are taught how to use the dry pack cannery foods in their home kitchens. We are using a hand crank wheat grinder, that is very easy to use. And the missionary who gave us the tour.

This is in the dairy building. They have their own dairy farm which ships milk here daily. It produces milk, choc. milk, cheddar cheese, and cottage cheese. They work until the quota of the day is filled. They don't work a set number of hours. This is the tasting area.

Home made bread, jam, butter, honey all produced right here at welfare square.

These are the grain silohs that are a land mark sight for the square. It is the oldest structure on welfare square. They hold 16 mil. (tons or pounds, we can't recall which - a LOT either way) of grain and are full. The grain is rotated every 4-5 years. The grain that is taken out is either sold, or sent to out with the humanitarian aid. The money made on the grain is also used for humanitarian aid.

The only time these were completely emptied to help the needy was during WWII, and was sent to the troups fighting in the war.

This is hmmm, just what it looks like. Not an Exit. (lemeee out)

This is the bakery where they make 3,000 loaves of bread daily. There are 2 full time employees, 1 part time, and 18 volunteers to keep it running. They work until the quota is filled.

This is also in the bishop's store house, which includes a storehouse that is about the size of 1 set of isles at costco, filled with food. No upc codes on the cans, just available through the bishops. They also had new coats of all sizes for people using this facility, and bolts of fabric for those who can sew what is needed.

This is the kit that was shipped to the hurricane katrina victims. This is enough food to keep a family of 4 fed for 1 week. It all fits in the box in the back of the stack. The only thing not made by the church is the tunafish stacked in a pyramid in the front, because it is less expensive to buy than to can. There were even cajun flavors in these packs, and we are told area tastes are considered when these kits are made- another level of true compassion.

The black bucket on the left there is an example of the well known sanitary kits for personal and home hygine - VERY apriciated by those who used them as everything was contaminated following the flood.

This is a poster of the effective effort the church is making in Ethiopia, a nutritious mix of things like oat flour, milk, and honey. We saw a picture of a 8 year old girl that weighed 20lbs. when she bagan taking this product and 6mos. later she looked normal, happy, and healthy. it is saving lives - true Christian service.

There is a DI on the square and all the clothing and goods that are donated are sorted through into to piles, so to speak. 80% of the best stuff is shipped to those in need around the world, and the rest is sold to the public in a store type setting. The profits from the sales are put back into the network to help those in need.

They had an employment center in the square, this is a picture of the employment centers around the world (every dot is one) to help either improve your employment or to start your employment. Back when the internet market went downhill, there were quite a few corporate/professional workers that were layed off. They came to this center and received help to find new employment, including improving their skills so they could find better employment.

Free Burma!