28 February 2008

helicopters, and CABIN FEVER released!

First of all, forgive me for some of the pictures, I have been working on some camera settings.

THE SNOW IS GONE! probably only until Saturday, but it is so nice, we have been playing outside for the last 3 days and we are remembering we have neighbors again. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Every time I would kneel down to take a picture of Sarah running toward me, she would stop and bend down just like I was. . .

This is my two kids, who are getting to really like playing together. It is so darn fun!

We were playing outside when Mark got home from school, and this is the kids loving the ride on the motorcycle, with a neighbor girl in the pict. A girl that is in Spencer's sunbeam class.

I finally got the ISO right on my camera, and the picture turned out WONDERFUL, I love the soft edges around her hair. She was pooped from riding her bike up and down the street for an hour. (thanks Kathleen for the pointers)

Didn't quite get this in focus, but she is precious none the less!

These are the helicopters! Each of those blue circles rotate around, so it is hard to get a steady grip! This is what Brooke lives and breathes these days.

And this is my precious Autumn, how beautiful is she? She got off her bike, and her thighs were burning, remember that feeling? I DO!

21 February 2008

Brookey loves the Helicopters

The helicopters are kind of like the monkey bars at school on the playground, but they have the bars are in a circle and you have to ride the circle around to the next one, and they have consecutive circles in a row I know I'm not getting the jist for you. . .I will take a pict of her doing them.

BUT I do have a picture of her hands from doing them every day both recesses and afterschool! She is AWESOME at them!

I know these aren't the best pictures, but we counted 8 blisters total! Most of them are on her palms at the base of her fingers.

20 February 2008

A catch up

ok in no particular order here are the pics. of the week. . .or maybe longer hey who's counting right. . .just sit back and enjoy.

This is my Autumn, not sure why but I can't seem to get a strait face out of her.

These are all the kids with their valentine's presents. Notice the two older girls got clothes. . .hmmm, I guess they are growing up.

Sarah lately is addicted to gloves on her hands, or socks she's not picky. She will go around the house for HOURS like this.

This is the kids and I getting our kitchen ready for our big Valentine dinner for dad, notice Sarah's hands, and Spencer was errand boy to put things away in other rooms. . .on his bike of course.

This is Spencer after he gets home from his little pre-school he goes to 1x a week for 1/2 an hour. . . he is always pooped. He just climbed up in my lap and fell asleep.

Mark has a new toy. He is trying to get "accurate" And we have decided Spencer is old enough to shoot a bb gun under close supervision. This is both of them with their targets after going to the range.

And this is what Mark came home from school on Valentine's day for a quick drop off in between classes. So sweet! It was the BEST sugar cookie I have EVER EVER eaten! He still won't tell me where he got this. Just a sweet thoughtful man!

This is Brooke and our neighbor with their Valentine's spoils from school.

This is my Awesome Autumn. I love her so much. She is learning long division right now, and she is so SMART! She has her own computer at her desk at school now she takes her math and spelling tests on, and is working on her biography, very neat stuff in school.

12 February 2008

Valentine's tag!

  1. How long have you been together? 11 years! WOW!
  2. How old is he? 33, just like me.
  3. How old are you? I forget
  4. Who eats more? Hmmm, I don't know but I'm saying Mark
  5. Who said "I love you" first? I think it was me?
  6. Who is taller? Mark, by a head, he puts his chin on the top of my head
  7. Who sings better? Mark, no question
  8. Who is smarter? Mark, easy, he's who I turn to every time!
  9. Who does the laundry? Me, of course, I know what needs to not be put in the dryer.
  10. Who does the dishes? Me, begrudgingly, and not very well.
  11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Hmmm, standing up at the foot looking at it? Me.
  12. Who pays the bills? Both, best decision in the world!
  13. Who mows the lawn? The landlord. . .But I LOVE TO! One of my favorite jobs.
  14. Who cooks dinner? Me, do you have any ideas of what to cook? I never do!
  15. Who is more stubborn? Hmm, depends on the topic.
  16. Who kissed who first?Mark, to my suprise. . .he is so romantic!
  17. Who asked who out? Mark asked me, and I was scared. . .but he put me at ease RIGHT away!
  18. Who proposed? We decided together, and then Mark proposed officially at our first date spot.
  19. Who is more sensitive? I Don't know
  20. Who has more friends? Mark, easy, I like staying home with my kids.
  21. Who has more siblings? We both tie.
  22. Who wears the pants in the relationship?Like E. Holland says I am the head but my wife is the neck.
  23. Who are you tagging? Kathleen, Arlene, Shiela, Shalise.

03 February 2008

This week in review

Ok, so, I think I am needing to take some picts of my older girls. Because All I have are picts of my "two littles" is what we call Spencer and Sarah.

Ok, I don't have a before of these two haircuts, but they look so darn HANDSOME! I went grocery shopping Sat. night, and said under my breathe, I don't want Spencer to go to church with his hair, I will be to embarrassed by his hair. IT WAS WAY WAY WAY to long! This is what I came home to. What a kind and thoughtful husband! He cut them both by himself, yes his own!

Sarah is so funny these days. She is FULL of personality. She will NOT take this hat off! Thanks Gma Lois!

Spencer has played with this dart gun for HOURS AND HOURS. I checked one day and he had it in his hand for 6 hrs. straight!

Sarah eats lunch on this everyday. She loves to play on it. Spencer and her fight over it often. (Thanks g-ma A) Notice her raggy hair? Wait till later in the post. I was SICK OF IT.

This is Sarah, because I made her take her hat off. Poor pitiful thing.

This is my sweet Sarah, she is ready for her first day of Nursery class. we took her in, and sat her on the chair to play with playdoh, and well, she looked at me , waved her hand at me and said GO! And then pushed me away. So I did, when I went to pick her up she was GREAT! Didn't want to come with me. Hmmm, how's a mom take that? I'm still not quite sure.

Ok, her hair. MUCH BETTER, she now has bangs.

The dress. Is so darn cute on her! My mom made it for me to wear, and Autumn, Brooke, and now Sarah have worn it.

I would show photos of my other 2 girls in these dresses, but they are hard copies. And I am not organized. . .Maybe some other time.

My goal this week, take some picts. of my older 2 girls. And show you what they are up to.

Ok, i'll try to post the picts. again. . .

Ok, so the night I posted, blogger double posted, I deleted the one with the picts. in the post. That's why. Sorry, but here they are!

I am making one for Sarah next.

01 February 2008

I swore I would never get into Scrapbooking!

Well, I am now a Digital Scrapbooker! This is the wonderful culmination of my Christmas present, and a very patient and willing to neighbor to teach me!

I am so excited, There is no excess storing, of stuff in obscure places. So, I can keep all this on one little spot in my computer and be as happy as a clam. Turn off the computer and vacuum, do the dishes and cook dinner without the mess!


So a special thanks to Markers, and Kathleen my neighbor.
She is so very good. There is so much I can learn from her, this is just the beginning.

Free Burma!