18 June 2006

Kids are out of school! YEAH!

That's it, I am just so happy! I am so excited that we have full time with eachother.

11 June 2006

The House, aren't you tired of it? I am.

We have been amazed at the help people are willing to offer us. There have been so many willing to help, I am just amazed. This is Cameron and Griffing putting up siding on our side porch. It was so nice and now looks like it is suppose to be part of the house.

(Notice Autumn sitting there playing amongst the contruction. Very funny to me.)

This is Mark fixing the cracks in our walls. Yet another project underway that needed to be done. We have the plaster walls, so not an easy fix, but he's figured out a way to make them work. If you notice down at the bottom there's a HUGE whole he fixed. The don't look like this now, they just look like walls with mud on them. The next step is to texture and paint. He's done this in 3 rooms. Master bedroom, workroom/kids room, and laundry room.

Autumn's now baptized

Here are just a few pictures of our little Autumn, who is not so little anymore. She got baptized on June 3rd.
She picked out her dress. She wanted to look like a princess. I think she accomplished it. It is very very poofy. And it goes down to her toes.

These are some cookies our wonderful Marilyn made for us there's like 3 dozen! and the yellow frosting is actually white chocolate! It was such a PERFECT gift she gave us! We have shared them and enjoyed every one of them.

Brooke's Birthday

Well, I think these pictures are so sweet and tell so much about my sweet Brookey Bear. She got her favorite thing for her birthday. And has literally brought her everywhere with us. It is so sweet to see how great a mother she will be.

Her baby's name is Anne Ainsley, the purple streeks in her hair, if you touch them with your fingers they turn a light blue. Do you remember what a cabbage patch doll smells like. It brought back some memories.

06 June 2006

I'm proud to be an AMERICAN.

On Memorial day, our family went to the cemetery in our town and had one wonderful experience. We were able to see all of these flags, each flag represents a vetran who has passed away. Their families have donated a flag to represent them. There were hundreds of flags. I know you cannot fully understand the magnitude of the amount of flags. It was so awesome. As we were looking around we hear in the distance a brass band. So, we drive up to the upper cemetery and there are hundreds more flags, and a brass band playing songs from the different war eras. WW1, WW2, and Vietnam. There were volunteers passing out ice cream cones. It was a real experience. I am so glad we took the time out to see and think of those who have worked so hard for us to be free.

Our Yard

These are before pictures of our yard. Pretty nasty.

These are the after pictures. Notice there's green. There are landscaping stones, (the young men helped put in). A fence, family helped put this in. We have had many many people help. Right now, Cameron and Griffin are outside putting up siding on the extended porch on the side. It is so fun to have people over and actually have some place to be with them.

And soon we will have a for sale sign out front.

Free Burma!