30 August 2010

That time of year! School

School time is always bittersweet. But without further adue, here are their first day picts.
Autumn going into 7th grade. So cute! Autumn comes home exhausted at the end of the day. She is in Jr. High and still on the shorter side, unluckly, so she has a hard time seeing where she's going when the whole school is in the hallways. But is taking french and is very excited about that!
Spencer going into 1st grade. I love his pants, I had to talk him into letting me buy them for him, he doesn't care about style. He knows his teacher's name, and thinks school is fun! Last year he never got the teachers name down correctly. His mom is excited!
Brooke is going into 5th grade. She has a snake as a class pet. She isn't so sure about it. And ALL things written in class, or handed in as homework has to be made in cursive. She is NOT excited for that at all! But does love school

Things I'm learning about Kimberly

She smiles A LOT
She love to have her hands up by her face
She makes soothing happy sounds when she's happy.
She is more awake lately
she can sleep through all the noise our family is
Her eyes are clearing up
she can focus on me for a long time.
She does not like to be patted on her bum repetatively, it' make her jerk

18 August 2010

Introducing Kimberly

Kimberly Marie

Born August 10
Weighed 7lb 7oz
measured 19 inches
She is easy and wonderful little girl.
Dark hair, and Dark skin

These pictures were taken by my brother Carson, I am so grateful for his services.

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