12 September 2008

My want list is out of control! Where's that big money tree!

Ok, so my desire to have so many things lately is overconsuming!

I want to buy so many things, it is not even funny! I will make a list of things that I want

1. A blendtec blender

2. A bosch mixer

3. A new dresser that will be big and out of wood. Not Naugahyde wood.

4. A cool new toy for my kids for Christmas, you know the one that is white, and starts with "W"

5. Able to go on vacation to anywhere we want! And fly so we don't have to drive!

The biggest problem is that all my money needs to go to more boring stuff, like power, gas, a place to live, clothes for my kids, and the dreaded phone. . .

Any money tree's out there? Would be greatly appreciated. but until then "I guess I'll stay home and eat cold dirt " mmmmm, at least I don't have to spend money on the dentist.

11 September 2008


This occurrence is VERY Uncommon in Utah, it does not get rain very often AT ALL! But, I was able to have a little of the back home in WA feel this weekend. I can't tell you how incredibly nice it was to feel the air change from hot DRY DRY did I say DRY to . . . the smell of rain, humid, and cool.

My skin breathed a humongous sigh of relief. Everything in my body could finally breathe easier!

As I was taking these pictures, my neighbors all looked at me like I was simply CRAZY, because I was so happy about clouds. I then remembered my loving Grandpa had piles and piles of pictures of clouds and fire in his stash of pictures. I must say, he was right on the money when it comes to this day. I simply laughed to myself when I remembered him being in aw of the beauty of the clouds. Because we were in the same boat on this occasion. I LOVED these clouds. I won't bore you with more pictures. But I just need to say that the whole sky was covered.

And later than night we were at the library, where I didn't have my camera, and the sunset, was AMAZING! It was so nice to recognize and remember just how much I love the weather of the PNW, and yes I miss it!

Free Burma!