22 January 2008

Picture of the day

Ok, so it turned into more than one picture.

Monday night we sorted, organized, inventoried, and correctly stored our Food Storage. So, we are ready for W.C.N.! (inside joke) We were all in the basement, and Mark and I couldn't stand up all the way, so we sat on chairs and the girls did the dirty work. I feel SOOO good about having this set up, we now know what we need to work for to fill in the holes.
Example: More wheat, and protein.

I guess it doesn't matter exactly what my kids wear around the house, right? This is one of 2 outfits that he wears constantly. The other one is an outfit Jill and Brock got him that is a Spiderman outfit. HE IS SO CUTE!

Mark worked last night cleaning carpets, and had to go to school early today. This is a pict. I took today at 1:00 pm. I asked him to help Spencer get to sleep, he was more than willing. I went up and found that he had put both kids to sleep. What a good guy. It was so cute! I couldn't get a better pict, because the flash would wake them up. So, this is what I got.

20 January 2008


Summer and her Mom! Isn't it a beautiful sight!

Now you can take a deep breath!

The anticipation is building

They have 2 hrs. to wait. I can not fathum the feeling in the hotel room.

I am SURE they are unable to breathe deeply until their "precious daughter" is in their arms.

I am praying for your whole family!

19 January 2008

"AAAHHH that scared me"

This Autumn's saying lately.

Like the other day we were all waiting for dad to unlock the van door so we could get in. He unlocks and opens the slider and Autumn Screams "AAAHHH that scared me!"

I have been doing some re-decorating (continual) and she walks by her bedroom door, and on the shelf on the wall is a statue that has been moved from the left side of the shelf to the right, 3 days earlier. "AAAHHH, that scared me!"

She walks outside on newly fallen snow in the morning to go to school "AAAHHH, that scared me".

I tell you we are living with a drama queen.

But a funny one at that.

pict. for the day

It is so hard for me to believe they are going to be coming home from this foreign land with a new baby!


The Great Wall.

18 January 2008

Where my thoughts and prayers are

This is my new niece. She is living in China right now, in an orphanage. She is 7 mo. old. Her mom and dad went to get her this week. She will be home in 3 weeks. We really can't wait.

This is a picture of our family. They have been waiting almost 3 years. She is going to be here soon it is almost not real.

They landed in their hotel at 6 this morning. They have been able to see 4 other families that are going to get their babies also. They haven't slept in 27 hrs. Big travel day!

10 January 2008

Well, did you sleep last night? I didn't!

I was running between 4 pukers. Literally running. I'm exhausted today. But like I keep telling my family. I would much rather take care of sickies than be one! One good thing out of the day.

05 January 2008

trying to catch up

Probably my favorite picture lately.
This is Sarah with Grandma Betty.

For Christmas we put together 25 humanitarian kits for those in need. It was great seeing all the cousins working together.

This is or family on Christmas Eve with all the cousins except Taylor. I can't believe how big everyone is!

This is the fish Brooke picked for Christmas. Her name is MAX.

We went to Spokane for Christmas, and had a great time seeing family and friends. We were able to have a good time reconnecting with everyone.

Free Burma!