27 March 2006

Really Nothing Better!

I know, you are probably thinking family, a good book, happy moments. Those are not my focus today. That is to bad I know, BUT, there really is nothing better that hot chocolate cake out of the oven! I just made! Man mmmmmm, I can't wait till my birthday to have chocolate zuchinni cake. I could eat the whole 9X13 all by myself without any problem.

10 March 2006

Fall 2005

I really like these pictures. We had probably 100 taken, these 2 are some of the best! I have the cutest kids!

p.s. I love picasa! It is the best program of "fix up" pictures. I did these, and it made a world of difference!

I truly think the world is a little poorer

I think she was a wonderful hero and someone we could all look up to. Selflessness is very much a real characeristic of a true woman to be admired. I admire Dana Reeve.

03 March 2006

Is spring here?

Do you see this car. Amazingly enough, this isn't ours, but Mark was fixing it for our friends. Of course, we had to have a test drive. He's got the kids in there.
Autumn calls it her "dream car" She really has drooled over convertibles for ever.

Do you see the wrecked fender? It's all gone. And a GREAT ride! Posted by Picasa

Free Burma!