27 April 2006

Spencer's Haircut!

Ok so the first to picts. are the before. I didn't comb it as you can tell.
This is the back of his hair, see how cute the curls are. . . I love them

This is so very cute. This is the after. He was SO DONE with me touching him so I didn't try to make him look at the camera.
This is the side view. His head grew, like his face grew because it's not covered by hair. The crown of his head has the little alfalfa hair sticking up.

23 April 2006

Our Yard

This is my family helping us fix our yard up.
Man, It was so much help!
I bet they all have blisters still. But it was so much help. I will show you the seeds of the grass once it gets going. It is being watered everyday with our new sprinkler system.

21 April 2006

Easter Scavanger Hunt

We found rocks from the park

Brookey found grass at the park!

Autumn found Grass from a park

Spencer found a helicopter

10 April 2006

I guess it's time to actually admit

We are having a baby! You probably already know that but I bet you haven't seen the best pictures of this cute little baby! We are very excited! I can't wait to hold this little one!
This is a picture of the little baby's legs and cute little feet!

This is one of the right side of the baby's face, and the body. It's got the cutest little nose! I really love it.

So, we are due end of July, beginning of August. The time has really, really flown by. I have had really no complications. I love being pregnant. I love the feel of the baby moving inside of me and being able to find out amazing facts like; my uterus will grow 500-1000 times the size it is normally! I can not fathum that! CRAZY! but I'm beginning to believe it!

Free Burma!