29 November 2005

A new link

Notice I put a new link on the sidebar, it reviews books. I'm very excited about this site. So, check it out. I'm going to start reading "The kite runner" for my book club next month. Pretty cool.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

The first snow of the season, are we ready for this?

Man, I drove my kids to school, and well, I think we can replace drove with skated.

i am not really ready for this weather. However, if we start it, we will be able to get over it quicker.

I have found that in my life I really just grit through so many things in my life. I need to enjoy the journey.

Maybe that is what I should paint on my wall.

Enjoy the journey, Enjoy the journey.
Hmm, ok, I will enjoy the journey, just until I have to go and get my daughter from school in an hour.

27 November 2005

Black Friday

yes, this is actually sunday morning. . . early. but it really has taken me this long to recover from the ordeal of black friday. I did go out in the muck of it.

I first went to Toys R Us, got in line at 5:15, and (the whole time thinking WHAT am I doing! Why am I supporting such an obsird practice!!!) they weren't suppose to open until 6 and I wasn't the first one in line by a longshot! But, they opened at 5:30! How nice of them! So, I got in swiftly get my 3 things, and leave without a hitch. Go to Home Depot, and get in line, and realize they aren't open yet. Thank heavens, they open at 6:00, I get pushed and poked, and just plain ping ponged from one end of the isle to the other. However, successful in my loot finding. Then, while driving to my next destination. Turn on the radio to listen to what is going on at Wal-mart, they definately have to have a play by play of that rat race (on 87.7). Sure enough, and a side note they say, "be careful of pick pocketers they work best by just brushing against you or bump into you as they pass, so keep a description of the person who brushes into you, incase is it a case of pick pocketing" Meanwhile, I'm thinking ok, the whole entire store FULL of people at Home Depot would be placed in that category.

So, my assumption is, that EVERYONE no matter if you are on the news or not, at 6:00 am do not make sense. Even ME, as I go shopping at 6:00 am to "save money" it just doesn't make sense, none the less. I participated.

24 November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

There is nothing better than spending this day with my little 'ol family. We sat around our little card table and took a long time saying all the things we are thankful for.

It seems like it is familiar and normal to do this. Which seems to be that we do it often enough I don't have to think too terribly hard to come up with so many gifts that we as a family receive.

I hope you can feel the thankful heart also.

We are overflowing. A little unfair to have so muh to be thankful for. We need to give some out to others it seems.

19 November 2005

something really useless, but cute

I don't know if you have had this world opened to you yet, and if you haven't you aren't missing much. I just spent quite a bit of time on this useless adventure.

You can customize these "dollz" to be whatever you want them to be. So, here goes.

This is suppose to be me. It's called a "candybar doll"

This one is my oldest daughter

This one is the 2nd child also a daughter

This one is the 3rd child my big boy. Also, very mischevious.

18 November 2005


Ok, so,
the last week I have been trying to organize ALL of my papers:

Kid's school

you get the idea. Well, I started tuesday. I have not stopped yet! I cannot believe how much paper comes in the mail in a day! WHY! I cannot keep up. I am so entirely sick of all the useless papers! I am actually dreading the mailman coming. Just another stack of papers to deal with. I cannot stand it. I am done!

I did go to Office Depot tonight to get hanging file folders, man, that store does want you to be organized. I could have bought a whole cart full of stuff, but good little me, got my little box of file folders, and tab dividers and marched myself out of that store. I cannot go back in that store until I have sufficiently organized what I do have to work with.

I think I'm keeping a little file thingy by my kitchen stove to help me keep on top of it all.

We'll see not too much fun, but I feel better filling up a garbage bag of out of date, useless information that is consequently on . . . . you guessed it . . . .PAPER!

12 November 2005


I have really been thinking a lot lately about appreciation. I am definately not as verbally appreicative as I could be. I think a lot about just how much I am thankful for other people's efforts, that easily could go unnoticed. Why is it harder for me to go that next step and say thank-you to those who take the extra effort to make my life a little more easier. I really think once I start acknowledging people outwardly instead of just thinking it in my own little brain it will show me just how much I am blessed. I seem to have a difficult time recognizing my blessings when they come up.

So, in an effort to be able to recognize those things in my life that people actually do for me, and ultimately notice just how much my life is blessed.

I make this commitment:

I will be more outwardly thankful for those who contribute to my life in a positive way.

I thank-you for taking the time to read this silly little blog. It is fun for me and also fun when those who read it comment.(like you have already done) I learn from your thoughts and insights. Even the last posting, even though it was hard for me to be an adult and deal with all that was said in an adult manner. However, I feel better by dealing with it in the manner I did choose. So, thank-you for helping me own up to my own integrity.

08 November 2005

Absolutely Could NOT be cuter

For those of you who are worried or upset. . . .I didn't think I needed to specify this, and I guess I could have shown a better picture. But this is a TOY gun. It is very much distinctivly a toy. I am sorry that the picture does not portray that. It has a bright orange thing at the end, so everyone knows that. It weights about as much as a empty roll of toilet paper. And the silver is very distinctly fake and worn off at many places where there is black underneath. We have spoken to our kids and they definately know the difference. So if they in their unsupervised lives like at friends houses come across a gun (they aren't sure about) they know to run to the adult and tell. Do not ask questions just go to the adult. I feel I have spoken to my kids and they understand the difference. I am a big believer teach your children the principle. I think the principle is being drilled in everyday in our house. I feel they are safe and I do everything to make sure of that. Even to the point that even my son in this picture asks before he can play with that particular toy, because it does look so realistic.

Sorry for the disturbance. It was just the most recent pict. of him, and thought it was cute.

My son is really starting to be funny! I can't believe how much fun it is to see his personality grow and develop. He is so funny! He has fallen in love with responses from his family. He was carrying this around, of course we have been laughing. He probably carried this around for an hour just going from person to person wanting us to laugh at him. So, of course we all abliged.


01 November 2005

Balance all the Busy - ness!!!

Ok, so, how is it that there seems to be days when there is NOTHING going on, and then other days when you don't feel like you can breathe for fear of getting behind.

That is what it has been lately. No space for individual thinking even. It is not just a little of this a little of that. It is tons of this one thing to the point that I don't want to spend one more minute doing the same thing over and over again.

I have been volunteering in my daughter's class. She had a science fair yesterday. My job was to have a child step onto a stool inside of a kiddy pool that had about an inch of bubble solution in the bottom. Pull a hoola hoop up from the solution with the child inside, and there would be a bubble around this child. Really cool for the kids. And over all I LOVED to see their little faces. When I got to the 150th child, my body was so sore from helping this child onto this stool with the slippery solution underneath. Man, I woke up with the sorest leg muscles.

So today, I helped with the school book fair. While I was at the book fair (which is very very easy and fun, since I love books and kids) Mr. M came up and said. "The Pacific Science Center is coming to school tomorrow and I need someone to come and help. Would you help?" Well, of all the volunteer help I would have chosen this is the one I would have loved to do the most. Such interesting stuff to have the kids explore.

Meanwhile, my laundry pile is now level with the top of my washing machine. I am something else besides a volunteer. So, I guess it is my choice to pick and choose between to good things.

Man this is a never ending game of balance!!!!

Free Burma!