21 December 2006

OK, already.

It's a Honda 650 Enduro. He has been riding it to school and back. There have been some darn cold days. But I guess that's what you do with a new toy. He hasn't ridden it the last few days, because he almost got frost bite on his face (his helmet doesn't have a visor) That is on the list of getting fixed.

We got dumped on last Sunday! I had friends at church say "are you ok with this weather? I hope it doesn't scare you off" I just looked at them kind of wierd. and said "We get snow in Spokane" They were suprised. that was funny how far away Spokane seems at times.

This is a pict of our front gate looking toward our house. That is our BBQ, and bikes. The steps lead into our house.

16 December 2006


OK, so the pict. I took of the suprise y'all have been guessing. I forgot to put the memory card in my camera. yeah, I'm a moron. So, we'll try again when it's light outside. . .until then, are you in suspense. .

14 December 2006

Another Hint

5. Most of the time, it is ridden with one wheel on the ground. . . up to 40 mph.

Our latest purchase

Well, I want to share with you our latest purchase. But I don't have a picture yet. I will post as soon as I have a picture. But I will give you some hints.

1. Most mom's (mine included) don't like them. She says often "you have to be 40 before you can ride one"

2. Mark LOVES them.

3. He sold his last one to buy my wedding ring.

4. Mark keeps saying "Man, I wish we lived closer to so my friend Craig and I could ride them together"

Any guesses?

P.S. I hope Craig and family get to read this. Because he REALLY says that ALL the TIME! he really wants to share with you!

more installments of picts. to arrive soon

11 December 2006

A new tastey treat

ok, so this might not be earth shattering news. But I love it. And I am content after eating it. While I'm eating it I savor every bite. And my kids love it to!!!

1 whole wheat low fat tortilla
1T reduced fat peanut butter
1 smallish banana

spread peanut butter on tortilla (I actually measure out exactly 1T. and it's really enough). Put banana in, wrap that sucker up and enjoy! Easy, cheap, good for you, satisfying, quick. YUMMY! All the good stuff!

04 December 2006

A trip to the Museum of Church History

We went to the Church History museum this weekend. We watched the documentary on The Willie and Martin Handcart company, and saw the art people have done on the event.

2 impressions. They were WAY FAR away from Salt Lake, not like 1 day or 2 away. It was a week or 2 away! Also, I am a wimp! I don't think I could have done what they did and had such a good attitude at the end. They all recorded in their journals, they did not regret coming when they did. Because they knew God through the experience.
This is a painting of just how cold it might have been.

This is a depiction of Ephriam Hanks killing a buffalo and bringing the meat to the saints. He had a horse "laddened down" with meat to give to them. He was in the rescue party! This is him giving them the meat.

They were rationed down to 8 oz. of flour for the adults and 4 oz. for the children. How welcome was the sight of some good ol meat!

This is a picture of the 4 rescuers who rode as fast as they could day and night to find where the handcart companies were, and let them know that help was on the way. They then took the saints into a grove of trees to help them be protected from the weather. The rescuers recorded "the sight of the condition of the saints would soften the heart of the hardest of men" When they arrived, the saints had stopped moving because they litterally had no more energy. They had no food to help them get more energy. They were just waiting in their camps.

This is after the rescuers had come and saved the saints. They had to leave their handcarts and everything in them, because the condition of the handcarts was so bad, because they used green wood, and they slowed them down to much. So they just walked away from EVERYTHING they had owned. This was very difficult for them. (Imagine dragging everything you had across as far as you could go, and then just leaving it. Because it was either continue with the stuff and not make it, or leave it and hopefully make it to Salt Lake and live.) The rescuers knew the hardest part of the journey was still in front of them an accent up a mountain that was 5 miles long!

This is a picture of what 2 sisters walking to Salt Lake might have looked like. Not ride in the handcart, but WALKED!

This whole exhibit is so sombering. It really brought to life what actually happened. What a unexpressable joy it was to have the rescuers come. If you remember right, Brigham Young said leave this conference right now, go and get your teams of horses and leave right away. The sisters in the congregation took off their pettycoats, jackets, blankets, and everything of the best quality to have the rescue party take with them. The rescue party left. Now the state of the rescue party's homes was not all set. They still hadn't got their crops in from the fields, they had not prepared to leave their families behind with all the work of the fall harvest behind them. They just left. It wasn't like the wives could have brought the fields harvests in, because the husbands and men took the work horses with them to rescue those on the trail. So, they lost the crop that year. It was their first growing season in the Salt Lake valley for some of the families, so they didn't have a lot of stored up food either. The end of the documentery was very joyful! They said that 1200 people crossed the plains we lost 200, but 1000 made it to the salt lake to be able to worship and grow and build their beloved temple the way THEY wanted to! It was a success. Even the Willie and Martin handcart company was a success.

Ok, changing gears. We thought so many times how we would have loved to have Grandpa Bob with us. Because he loves church history and would have loved to see what we saw.

This is the pocket watch that was in John Taylor's pocket and saved his life at the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph.

These are the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

This is a replica of a covered wagon that was typical of what you would have traveled in. (This is the back of the wagon. The person driving the wagon was on the front side) The typical age of the person driving the handcart was 8-12. Because the father was off fighting in the mormon batalion. And the mom was taking care of the kids. You didn't ride in, or sleep in the wagon. You walked by and slept under, becasue This is what your stuff was in.

Free Burma!