24 June 2008

Man, I've been behind in posting. . . sorry

It's not because we haven't had anything happening. Quite the opposite. This is a picture of our Dearest Brookey Bear. She was baptized on June 7, 2008 by her dad. It was a great occasion! We were able to invite quite a few people that normally wouldn't come to an occasion such as this. We had some GREAT friends that we love to go camping with that came. And she had a cute little girl from school who also came. It was GREAT!

Brooke picked out her own dress, and did her own hair, (can you see the brown headband?)

I think we were both quite nervous. But it went VERY WELL! There was only standing room in the room after she got baptized, and her and I sang "I am a Child of God" I would only do that for a special girl such as Brooke.

True to Hilterbrand form, I had problems with my camera, so I had to use my little point and shoot "silly one" that I normally let my kids take on field trips and stuff. So, these are pretty good under the circumstances!

This was right before. Sorry for the silly face on Mark, it wasn't intentional, just my "silly camera"

She was a TROOPER!

Can you see her pretty new pierced ears sparkling in this picture? They are still beautiful. I have not had to reminder even ONCE to clean them and turn them so they stay clean. She has taken it all on herself!

15 June 2008

Father's Day

This is my dad. He is the best! SO, this is a very enjoyable father's day for me! I wish we were closer together! I AM his favorite daughter. He tells me a lot!

And his guy is my husband, who is a GREAT dad! Mostly because he loves to be a kid, and he loves to play! He also likes to teach his kids about how much he loves them and about "life skills" It is great. I love to watch him in action. Such a great FATHER!

Free Burma!